Concept: The House of Legends is a one of a kind holographic virularum featuring life sized holograms of famous entertainers, artists and musicians from around the world. The facility will have holographic production studios so celebrities can create a life sized hologram of an act, song or event they want to share with the general public today and for generations to come. Located in Las Vegas , this themed attraction will have multiple streams of cash flow from admission ticket sales, hospitality sales, gaming, gift shop and cloud hosting of holographic images generating perpetual revenue.

House of Legends

For more information please email or call 443-889-3319

The entire facility is owned and operated by a Corporate Trust and the Trust is offering:
The notes are 8.25% of TOTAL TOP LINE REVENUE, paid quarterly and are transferable by the note holder.
Example: $40,000,000 in notes receive 8.25% of projected 1st year gross revenues.
$22,746,000=$1,876,545 in payments to note holders = 9.38% ROI that year.
The Revenue Partition Notes will be registered on EDGAR.